Spring Festival Trip Day 5: Going home to Beijing

Bell Tower in Xi’an


There’s not a lot to say about travelling home other than I love taking the high speed train. It takes about 5 hours from Xi’an to Beijing on the high speed train. There’s loads and loads of legroom and the seats are comfortable. We kicked back and watched a couple of tv shows and documentaries on our ipads and listened to music as we gazed out the window. The time went too fast, I could have relaxed on that train for a bit longer for sure!

I have to say, the scenery was not nice. Everything between Xi’an and Beijing was like a brown wasteland. It was all industrial factories, half built or half knocked down buildings, toxic smoke and generally depressing scenes. Not the pleasant countryside views I was hoping for. I really wish China would get it’s act together and stop poisoning it’s people and it’s land. It really made me quite sad.

Luckily, we arrived back to Beijing to find the air quality index was only 20 (whaaat!?). We could breath and see stars. Hurray!

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