My Favourite Expat Travel Blogs

Just a few of my favourite expat blogs
Just a few of my favourite expat blogs- but there were only 9 spaces in this collage!!!


I first started a blog to document my life abroad in 2006. I’d just moved to South Korea and wanted to connect with my family and friends back home. I wasn’t even on Facebook back then, let alone Twitter, Instagram and all the rest. It was just me, my little blogger account and my hotmail. Oh and I had a Myspace account of course. This was before travel blogging became what it is today and I found it hard to find other bloggers to connect with.

Now I could spend hours a day (if I had hours spare) reading all my favourite travel blogs. But I especially love reading expat blogs. Maybe it’s because I’m an expat myself, but I think you get a different perspective when you read about someone living there as opposed to just travelling through (of course I love reading general travel blogs too and have a long list bookmarked to keep me inspired!). So, while Justin and I are trying to decide how long we should live in Beijing, I thought I’d do a little round up of some of my favourite expat blogs- just in case we need to pick a new country to live! Have a look through and see where you’d like to live! Don’t forget to go and pay a visit to all their lovely blogs when you’re done reading.


Vivian- Lost in Translation
Vivian- Lost in Translation

Vivian- Lost in Translation (Tokyo)

I love Vivian’s blog! Like me, she started her Asia adventures living in South Korea several years ago. Throughout my years living back in London (post-South Korea) she kept my Asia wanderlust alive. And she continues to ignite my desire to visit Japan (roll on February when I’ll be there for 2 weeks!). I love reading all about her adventures living in Tokyo. From day to day living in the city of neon lights and crazy road crossings, to weekends away in Kyoto. Oh and did I mention this girl loves the film Lost in Translation? You’ve got to be awesome if you love that film (one of my favourites ever!).


Rachel- Hippie in Heels
Rachel- Hippie in Heels

Rachel-Hippie in Heels (Goa)

I found Rachel’s blog last year and have loved getting my regular sunshine fix from Goa ever since! Her blog is definitely the go to place to read about living and travelling in India. Goa is firmly on my list of “awesome places to live as an expat” now! She not only features places to go, travel stories and tips for travelling around India independently, but also all the pretty clothes from local designers. She’s always willing to answer readers questions about India travel too.


Tom - Waegook Tom
Tom – Waegook Tom

Tom- Waegook Tom (Taiwan)

Tom started  his blog while teaching in South Korea and, after a bit of travel time, he is now teaching English in Taiwan. I’ve been following Tom’s blog for a few years now and he always comes across as very friendly, funny and honest in his posts. Must be because he’s a Northern lad! I have serious expat envy every time I read about his adventures in Taipei and it’s high up there on my list of places to live now! Thanks, Tom! Don’t forget to check out his food posts every Friday for mouthwatering morsels from around the world.


Jessica-Curiosity Travels
Jessica-Curiosity Travels


Jessica- Curiosity Travels (Spain)

Jessica is another lovely blogger who used to live in South Korea (there must have been a lot of crazy stuff going on in Korea that we all needed to share it on the internets!). She has since moved to Spain. After a year of teaching English there (she has all the tips for you if you also want to get a teaching gig in Spain) she’s continuing her Spanish adventure while working as a writer. I love reading her blog posts and especially love getting my Europe fix now I’ve been living out in Asia for a while!


Jamie-Ink and Adventure
Jamie-Ink and Adventure

Jamie- Ink and Adventure (Taiwan)

Admittedly I only discovered Jamie’s blog very recently, but I have spent ages stalking  reading her archives. I had to include her on the list as I think you’ll love her blog (if you don’t read it already). I loved reading about her adventures in Taiwan (another person igniting my desire to visit the island!) and her love for writing. She’s even writing a book! Her husband is also an international school teacher, so I am definitely going to be hitting them up for tips on the best Taipei international schools if we ever do decide to leave Beijing!


Alana- Paper Planes
Alana- Paper Planes

Alana- Paper Planes (Thailand)

Alana spent several years living in Thailand. Although she recently moved away, her blog archives are a treasure trove for anyone wanting to live, teach or travel in this amazing country. She also regularly features other expats from around the world with her series “The Day To Day“- a great way to find out about expat life in different countries. With a trip to Europe in store, I’m excited about following Alana’s next adventure .



Justine-Travel Lush
Justine- The Travel Lush

Justine- The Travel Lush (Indonesia)

I’ve been reading Justine’s blog since the start. She began as a travel blogger on a round the world trip with her boyfriend. Now she’s  a newbie expat after her boyfriend landed a job offer they couldn’t refuse- in Jakarta! Her blog features travel from Indonesia and around the world and I’m super excited to read more about what it’s like to live in Jakarta! Plus she’s a vegetarian like me and it’s always great to read about other veggie traveller/expats!


Danielle- Seoul Tapper
Danielle- Seoul Tapper

Danielle- Seoul Tapper (Korea and soon to be Spain)

Danielle instantly attracted me to her blog when I found she was a) living in Korea (my second home) and b) Has a really fun and friendly blogging style!  Her posts are always a great read and she often posts really funny photos! She has now left South Korea and is about to embark on a new adventure living and working in Spain! Although as she didn’t like my entirely serious and well thought out (ok, maybe I was just kiddin’) idea for a new blog name (Seoul Tapas.. because Spain…tapas..gettit?) will I still continue reading? Of course I will!!


Bonus China Blogs

This post was getting a bit too long but I couldn’t leave these ladies off! Obviously you already read one China based blogger (errrm me) but you can never have too much China blogging in your life- there are over 1 Billion people living here after all! So here are a few of my very favourite China expat blogs for you to peruse!


Amanda-Sunshine and Whimsy
Amanda-Sunshine and Whimsy

Amanda- Sunshine and Whimsy (China)

Amanda is another teacher living in Beijing. I’ve no idea how I found her blog but I’m so glad I did. Sometimes she posts about life in Beijing, other times a quote, video or photo. Her blog is always full of happiness and cuteness! Though I just realised, even though we live in  the same city I actually have no idea which part of Beijing she lives or what international school she works at (hopefully it’s not the same one as me as that would be slightly awkward)-  I’m pretty sure we’ll bump into each other at some point. I love reading all about Amanda’s adventures in life with her Chinese Fiance, Tony. They met in China and it was meant to be! Congrats again on the recent engagement guys!


Beky-Mountains and Passports
Beky-Mountains and Passports

Beky- Mountains and Passports (China)

Beky is a girl who knows a thing or two about being an expat, having grown up as one in Zambia (why didn’t you keep a blog then, eh??). She came to China to teach English and ended up in Nanchong. I had no idea where Nanchong was before I found her blog but now I know all about it and I’m glad! Living in Beijing is very different to the rest of the country, so I’m happy I get to find out more about life outside the ‘Jing through Beky’s excellent posts and photos.


Jen- Healthy Globetrotting
Jen- Healthy Globetrotting

Jenna- Healthy Globetrotting (China)

Jenna is another teacher in China (Ok I admit it, there is a secret club) who is blogging about living, travelling and eating healthily in China and all over Asia! She also has the most adorable dogs and that alone is enough to have me read her blog (I do like your stories, pictures and advice too Jenna!). Jenna was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and has a growing section full of tips on living, eating and travelling with Crohn’s. Also, did I imagine the adorable dogs??


Well there you go- my list of favourite expat blogs! I hope I haven’t missed anyone I love too much off of there!

So let me know- who are your favourite expat bloggers? Have you read all these blogs? Have I missed anyone off who you love to read and think I should too? And why have I only got one guy on my list? I obviously need to read more male expat bloggers! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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34 thoughts on “My Favourite Expat Travel Blogs

  1. Thank you so much for the shoutout! Haha, I’ve thought a few times that it’s funny we read each others’ blogs but don’t know more details, considering we live in the same (huge!) city. I teach at the Canadian International School and live in the Chaoyang district!

    I’m gonna have fun reading through all of these blogs!

    1. Apparently Beijing is the size of Belgium or something ha! Oh the Canadian School is in a really great location- no commute to Shunyi for you agh! haha! 🙂

  2. Thanks for including me on this list Joella, I really appreciate it! Another expat blog I love is Farsickness ( by Amanda Slavinsky – she used to live in South Korea too, then moved to London, and has recently returned back to the USA. I LOVED reading about Unbrave Girl’s expat adventures in China, although she’s living in small town Michigan now.

    1. You’re very welcome! And Great suggestions! I love Amanda’s blog but I’d forgotten because she’s on a blog break. Definitely need to read more of all the other ones you suggested- thank you!

  3. haha, I just found my blog from my semester abroad in college. Its not pretty. Thanks for including me! I love reading about life in Beijing. Trust me, every expat in Nanchong wonders how we ended up in this strange Sichuan corner of the world, but god we’d be lying if we said we didn’t love it (most of the time). Also, we basically share all the same favorite blogs 🙂

    1. Haha I would so love to read that (or maybe not..!?) 🙂 I’ve had 2 other blogs and they are both hidden now, but I keep meaning to repost some of the more interesting stuff as a Throwback Thursday kind of thing..I just never get the time!

  4. Thanks for pointing these out. I’m going to be one in Spain in January so I enjoy them too. I’ll probably branch out of my usual ridiculous adventure posts on my current blog and focus on one for just expat experience.

    1. Thanks Ed. Excellent- what are you going to do in Spain? Hopefully you can still write all your crazy adventure posts too- must be some interesting experiences to be found there too. 🙂

  5. Hi Joella! I just found your blog through Twitter and I’ve been reading your posts with great interest. I spent 3 months working in Beijing last year and travelled China a little once I’d finished my time there, so it’s really taking me back. Lot’s of reminiscing happening this morning! lol. Anyhow just thought I’d say hi and I’m following on BL, so I look forward to reading about your future adventures around China 🙂

    1. Hi Robert- thanks for stopping by and I’m so glad it brought back some good memories for you! Beijing is such a fun place to live. Hope you enjoy reading. Let me know in the comments if you have any fun stories about your time in Beijing! I love hearing other peoples experiences of living here too 🙂

  6. I realized I never thanked you!! I’ve been in such a haze of moving from continent to continent! But thank you so much for including me in this list 🙂 I too am a cray fan of Tom (he might be my fave on the internet) and also Curiosity Travels. She did a post about all the programs in Spain, which actually ended up being the inspiration for me to hop on over here 🙂

    1. lol and i totally loved your idea FYI! but now i’m still a tapper, just a little tapper with a Spanish flair. Now time to go get some of dem tapas! 😉

  7. Such a solid list. I’m a HUGE Rachel fan. She got me ready for India with her blog. Love her honesty and directness.

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I just came across this post and I cannot wait to read some of the bloggers’ adventures and fun stories. I live in Cape Town and have an expat travel blog myself. I have been wanting to read more expat travel blogs of late.

  9. Thank you, thank you and thank you again for such a comprehensive list of talented expats who chronicle their journey in the same fashion that you do! I absolutely love reading expat and travel blogs alike.

    I have finally taken the plunge and started my very own adventure living in Vientiane, Laos. My little baby blog is a real work in progress and i’m struggling to find that niche i keep hearing about, but in the meantime i’m loving all the inspiration from your posts, it’s really getting my momentum going to keep writing. Keep up the amazing work.


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