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798 Coffee
I’ve been a little quiet on the internet and blog lately. The last few weeks or so have been incredibly busy at work and I’ve also been ill a lot (flu, tonsillitis, stomach bugs- I’ve had them all). Now the holidays are here I’m hoping to eventually get caught up on the 9000000 blog posts I’ve got circulating in my brain! Of course, it hasn’t been all doom and gloom the last few weeks. I’ve still had time to have fun! Recent Beijing life highlights include, Sichuan food cooking classes at The Hutong, delicious brunches and meals out, revisiting familiar places such as 798 art district and drinking plenty of coffee (drinking coffee is always a highlight for me!). Here are a few photos to give you just a snapshot of recent weeks (all take on mine and Justin’s phones) and I’ll be back soon with one of those 9000000 blog posts.

Christmas Starbucks Nanluoguxiang Creepy Santa 798 Christmas 798 Coffee

Vegetarian Chinese Food beijingJing A TapRoom BeijingBrunch at The Rug

Fuckin PandaCold Weather Beijing

Tiananmen Mao


Which photo do you like best? And what have you been up to the last few weeks? I need to catch up on all my blog reading so let me know! 

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33 thoughts on “Beijing Life, Lately

  1. That’s a lot of sickness! And tonsillitis? That sounds awful. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better and that you’ve had a chance to get out and enjoy Beijing lately. I’m very jealous that you get to wear winter clothing, with boots and a cute jacket and beanie! Clearly I’m really missing cool weather after being in Jakarta for the past four months! Although -9 degrees does sound a bit chilly! I love the photo of you sipping coffee!!

    1. Thanks for your comment! It must have changed a lot since then. My Chinese friends say it is so different from when they were young. But yes, still cold in Winter 🙂

  2. I love the photo from The Rug, partly because of the latte art, and mostly because it reminded me I need to make a visit there soon!

    Hope you’re feeling 100% again! Are you going away for Christmas?

  3. So sorry to hear you’ve been unwell!

    With the cold weather you’ve been living through I’m no surprised that something knocked you about though! Brrrr

    Can’t wait to see all your posts trickle through 🙂

  4. Hop you’re feeling better!! That cooking class sounds amazing, hope you post about that soon. Love the cappuccino art – clearly you love your coffee! Fellow coffee addict here too 🙂

  5. The coffee sure adds some coziness to the scene. Looks like you still managed to have some fun despite the various illnesses. Hope you are doing much better!

  6. Love that coffee angel, did you make it yourself at home? I cannot go a day without coffee (good coffee at least, have had a lot of bad coffee over here…) I am actually flat out on the coach now, so can relate to not feeling like blogging when sick…. The Sichuan cooking class sounds like fun – would love to hear more (a post coming about it soon maybe?).

  7. I have that same picture of the panda from when I went to the art district. It highly amused me. That sucks you’ve been sick so much! hopefully that’s over. I can’t believe how cold it is there! Your photos make me want to give Beijing another visit – I really felt like a week wasn’t long enough

  8. Oh no, that sounds like a really rough time! Glad you are back in blogging shape though. I actually just booked tickets to Beijing at the end of January! Just for a few days this time, but your photos have me excited. Fingers crossed I get my visa tomorrow!

  9. Oh no! Sad to hear you’ve not been feeling well. Great photos though! It’s been so cold here in Beijing recently! And I looked at the weather forecast and it’s about to get colder!!

    1. Thank you! The worst it that the coldest weather is still to come. Maybe it will be milder this year… or I’ll just have to get even more heat tech from Uniqlo!

  10. Hi Joella, have had a busy time over Christmas with Sali, Lana and Billy home. It’s quiet again now but Sali is here for a couple more weeks until she goes to Canada then back to Oz. I really like your blog, and especially the description of your new home and the area that you live in. It gives a new perspective of Beijing – the quiet, the lanes, the friendliness. And to see inside the house with your stripey sheets and beautiful wallpaper was lovely. Hope you are feeling much better and able to keep cosy warm. Patsy

    1. HI Patsy, thanks so much for reading. I’m glad you had a great Christmas too. Sounds like everyone is very busy. I am feeling better now after a nice rest. Fortunately our house has turned out to be quite warm! Looking forward to spring though!

  11. Oh no! I hope, that you got completely well again before flying home to the UK, so that you could enjoy Christmas at home without being limited. Your photos make me want to go back to Beijing right away and experience the city in the wintertime as well after having been there during spring, summer and fall.

  12. Btw, I liked the cooking classes at “The Hutong” very much as well, I have done two, “Hand Pulled Noodles” and “Yunnan Cuisine”, in August. A Sichuan food class sounds delicious and seems to be the right course for me if I’ll make it to spend some time in Beijing this year,

    1. You should definitely do the Sichuan course! It was delicious. Sichuan is one of my favourite Chinese cuisines. Yunnan is my very favourite though so I really want to do the Yunnan course.

  13. I love the cappuccino photo!
    This blog just seemed interesting, when I was reading comments from another blog site. When I saw that it was a blog about living in Beijing, I felt like I just had to see what it’s like there.
    I’ve been to Beijing 2 years ago. And when I look at the pictures you just posted, it seems like it is just as cold as it was when I was there (it was November).
    Love your blog!

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