A Surprisingly Warm January Day In Beijing

Hawthorn Beijing 1
Something crazy has been happening in Beijing lately; I haven’t been freezing all day everyday! Ok, so it’s still cold once the sun goes down, but the days have been quite mild. It was quite polluted over Friday night and Saturday morning but, as soon as it got down to our self imposed “acceptable level” (not really acceptable by real standards though) of AQI below 200, Justin and I were out the door ready to soak up the “warm weather”.

Confucius Temple Beijing 3

Confucius Temple Beijing 6 Confucius Temple Beijing 4

We’re so lucky in our current place as we’re just a pleasant few minutes walk from one of our favourite little quiet spots: Confucius Temple. This was my third visit (I’ve been once before with Justin and once before with my mum) and it was just as lovely as the other times. If you get the chance to go in the middle of winter, it’s best to go about 1-2 hours before closing time (closing is 5pm). That way you get the best of the winter light as the sun begins to set. But it’s lovely at any time. The Confucious Temple is usually not too crowded and I always see it as a little, quiet sanctuary in Beijing!

Confucius temple Beijing 11
Hawthorn Hutong

After our temple visit we bought some candied fruit from a vendor. I’ve tried it before, but Justin hadn’t, so we couldn’t resist. I think hawthorn berries are the traditional fruit but we had one with a mix of strawberries and hawthorn. Good job because the hawthorn berries were really sour!


Hawthorn Vendor Beijing 2Hawthorn Vendor Beijing 1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATemples and Trees Beijing

What did you get up to this weekend?

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24 thoughts on “A Surprisingly Warm January Day In Beijing

  1. Perhaps it sounds crazy, but I like the color scheme of your day 🙂 Grey and red is a beautiful combination. I liked the way the temple walls catch the sunlight.

  2. It must be pretty great to live in a place where you can walk to such amazing temples! Those candied fruits look so good! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of hawthorn berries before but I absolutely love sour stuff. Do you like them?

    1. I’ve had them before (only in China though, never heard of them before I came here) and I’m sure they tasted better last time. I think they weren’t quite ripe or something this time. The strawberries were lovely though as was the sugar haha!

  3. Oh I went to the Confucius temple when I was there! It was really peaceful. I love your photos of the place. I hate when the air is bad, I get so grumpy. I’ve never tried the candied berries here but I feel like I should probably try it soon. I don’t envy the cooler weather you guys have. I was freezing in shanghai after Sichuan’s warm winter.

    1. What is a winter typical temperature over in your neck of the woods? Haha I always see Shanghai’s weather and think it looks so warm there! You better try the berries quick, just a few weeks left for you!

  4. Don’t you just love those unexpected warm days in the middle of winter?! We always try to take advantage of them too. Or those rare moments when the sun shows itself, haha. It was pretty mild a few days ago and then the temps dropped to below freezing. Ugh! BTW – I do not like sour stuff, so it’s good to know I shouldn’t try hawthorne berries. Dan, however, would gladly take them off my plate 🙂

    1. You could share- you could have the strawberries and he could have the hawthornes. I’m sure hawthorne berries didn’t taste like that when I had them before though!

  5. The berries sure sound interesting (I think a sweet & sour combination sounds quite good)

    Glad you’re not freezing yourself at this time of year!

    1. I know- I’m quite surprised to not be freeeeezing right now! it is still minus 8 or something at night, but I don’t mind that when I’m asleep. I’m a bit afraid the daytime temps will suddenly plummet or winter will last really late this year. Last year it was colder but winter was short (ended in early March I think).

    1. Thank you! The weather is kind of strange isn’t it? My Chinese colleagues are really concerned that it hasn’t snowed properly this year. Although I think it only snowed once last year anyway- it’s so dry in Beijing during winter.

  6. I LOVE candied fruit on a stick, especially hawthorn berries! It’s one of my favourite things about China! Also, your hair looks really good!

  7. I always appreciate even the tiniest bit of warmth at this time of year! Glad you made the most of it and got out to explore the sights, and those candied strawberries look delicious 🙂

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