Exciting Personal Announcement!

Hi everyone! I have some exciting personal news today and a bit of info about what is going on with the blog too. What do you want first: blog or personal news? Ok personal news it is!

So the big announcement is…we’re moving again! Can you guess where? Here’s a photo to help…

We're moving to...
We’re moving to…


Yes, we are moving to sunny, Southern California! This move has been a long time in the planning (well officially about 8 months but it’s always been our thought we would like to move there at some point).

As you may know, Justin is a Southern California native so there were no problems with him moving back there. The problem was, of course, me. As we’re married it isn’t too hard for me to move there, but it was a bit of a pain arranging a US Green Card in China! Anyway, I am happy to announce that I have been successful in convincing the USA to give me Permanent Residency. So I am now entitled to live and work in the USA forever if I like! My current job at my International School ends mid-June so we’ll be moving stateside towards the end of June. I can’t wait!


This was on a Christmas visit in 2010.. the queues were so long I complained to customer services and we got some queue jumping passes! Yay!
This was on a Christmas visit in 2010.. the queues were so long I complained to customer services and we got some queue jumping passes! Yay!

What will we do in the US?

Justin will continue to work from home doing his current job. As for me? I could carry on with teaching Primary School (or Elementary School as they call it over there. See I’m fluent already!). I think my British teaching qualifications can be converted to let me teach in the USA. Or I might try something else for a while and return to teaching later on. I’m just going to decide when I get there and I see what the options are- which is lovely!


The Getty L.A Another pic from a previous California visit. See how young we look, this was clearly not taken recently!
The Getty L.A Another pic from a previous California visit. See how young we look, this was clearly not taken recently!

What’s going on with the blog?

I haven’t been able to update this blog as much as I’d like, especially in recent months. However, when we move to the US I will have much more free time and so I am planning on upping the frequency of posts (by a lot!) once we move! I’ll still post when I can for our last few months in Beijing so I hope you’ll stick with me until posting becomes more regular again! I’ll continue to write about my ongoing travels and expat life after the move, but I’ll have to change the name of this blog of course. I do have a new name all picked out and this time it IS NOT destination specific! Considering this is the third blog I’ve had, and the 5th country I’ve worked in, I should have known not to pick a name with a city or country in the title!

Anyway, that’s my news! What have you all been up to? I’m seriously behind in my blog reading too so do post a link to something fun for me to read on the internet (your post or someone else’s!).

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35 thoughts on “Exciting Personal Announcement!

  1. Yay!!! I might be totally biased in this, considering I am a San Diego native, but you are going to love it! Southern California is the BEST! And you really can’t beat the weather. After being in SE Asia for nearly two years I’m realizing how spoiled I was in San Diego. Well, I am beyond excited for you two. Do you know where specifically are you guys planning to move?

    1. Yay- I thought you would appreciate the news being a Southern Californian yourself. I am so excited! Justin is from Orange County but we are planning on looking for a place to live in LA. I don’t think I want to stay in LA forever though- it will be fun for a while but I think I’d like to live in a smaller city eventually.

  2. Moving is always exciting even with all the pains you have getting the documents right. It took us nearly half year to have all documents after we had already moved to Germany….and now we realized that there is a problem in our old country, Finland with something not canceled and stuff like that 🙂

    1. Yeh, getting the documents and visas and things is the worst part. It took about 7 months for me to get the residency approved, but there was so much to do in those 7 months. It would have been easier for me to do it back in the UK but at least it is done now! 🙂

  3. Well that’s certainly going to be a big change from Beijing! It’s going to be nice to go outside without a pollution mask 🙂 Very happy for you! I’m looking forward to reading about your last few months in China and your move to the US.

  4. Wow, what a great news! So exciting! It’s a place I would move too 🙂 Actually, the States are on our list of places we could move to after China. I’m currently in Beijing too, but at times China gets a litle tiresome after 5 years of being here…
    All the best with moving & I’m looking forward to some more blogs!

    1. Thank you Yvon! I know what you mean- China can be a great place to live but can also be difficult too. I’m excited about living in California!

  5. That’s so exciting. China is awesome but I can’t imagine staying there long term. Hopefully Cali will work out great, I’m SO homesick for the states right about now. I’m really interested if you’ll have any sort of culture shock moving there. Also I really like the new blog name

    1. Thanks, Rebekah! I know- 2 years is more than enough for me in China, I have to say! I really can’t wait- 10 weeks to go. Thank you- I’m glad you like the new name.

  6. So excited for you! (And a little jealous, too.) I saw the new name in my reader and was like, “Who is Paper Crane Stories?? Ohhh!”

  7. Congratulations! That is really exciting. I’ve only been to San Diego, but from what I saw during the few days I was there Southern California pretty much seems like a dream place to live. Going to be super different after China, I’m sure, so I can’t wait to read about it all.

    Love the new blog name, too!

    1. Thank you so much, Amanda. I’ve loved it on my previous visits so I can’t wait to live there. I haven’t been down to San Diego (I’ve only been around LA, Orange County and up to San Fran) so there’s a whole lot of exploring to do!

  8. Congratulations on the move and your future plans, Joella. I travelled across California with my parents in my early teenage years and we also visited Los Angeles, San Diego, Palms and Desert Hot Springs where I had an uncle at that time.

    I hope, you’ll enjoy the last months in Beijing. I have just been there in March and I hope that I can get back there in June.

  9. California! My happy place <3 I'm slightly envious but looking forward to seeing what you write about it. 😀

  10. That’s great news! I’m sure California will be a lot different from Beijing, but you have a lot to look forward to 🙂 Great weather all the time for one thing! I wish you all the best, and I look forward to reading more about your time there!

  11. That’s such exciting news! I have to admit, I’m very jealous – I’ve always wanted to live in California (who hasn’t?) but I married a Brit instead of a Yank 😉
    Best of luck – I can’t wait to follow your adventures!

  12. just though i’d read your blog to see what you were up to! have you moved yet? what a change, Beijing-California!

    1. Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by. I have been following your change from bogging about your time in China (I bet that feels ages ago now!) to nutrition and health. We’ve been here a few weeks now and really enjoying it. Soooo different to China!

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