10 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit China

10 Photos China

China: Top of some people’s travel lists and completely off the radar for others. I often hear people say they have no interest in visiting China over other countries in Asia. I can guess at why that might be: China has a reputation- it’s polluted, crowded, too hot or too cold and impossible to travel without speaking Chinese. Right?

While there may be some truth there, that’s certainly not what China is all about. There is a lot of beauty, man-made and natural, in China. While it’s short on white, sandy beaches and scuba locations (it does have those, but there’s no pretending they compare to the Philippines!), China has so much more to offer than a dusty day at the Forbidden City (although you should definitely still go there too!).

I would encourage anyone to visit China. There are so many places to go. There are amazing, famous things within the big cities of Beijing and Shanghai, but look beyond them and you’ll also find things you didn’t expect. I’ve taken hundreds, probably thousands of photos during my two years in Beijing. I have travelled to the far West and the Cantonese South. Even so, I still haven’t covered even half of the amazing places on my list (there’s a big, gapping Yunnan hole in my travel diary). But I’ve still been to some wonderful and beautiful place that I will remember forever. If you can spare the time it takes to travel around this huge land, you could see even more.

Here is a selection of 10 photos we have taken that I hope will encourage others to visit China! There are many more beautiful places, this is just a small selection. Don’t skip this enormous, diverse country- put it near the top of your list!

 Grazing On The Grasslands

Horse on Grasslands

The grasslands in Amdo (Tibetan area in Sichuan, Western China) are a beautiful sight. We rode on horseback, stayed in a yurt and marvelled at the green land and blue sky!

Hua Shan (Hua Mountain)

Hua Shan Mountain Xi'an

The perfect little rest stop high up in Hua Shan- a beautiful mountain near to Xi’an.

Leshan Buddha

Leshan Buddha

This huge, sitting buddha is carved into the side of a mountain and well worth the visit from Chengdu.

Water at Jiuzhaigou National Park

blue water jiuzhaigou national park

This is no photo shop job- the water really is this colour at Jiuzhaigou National Park. I have hundreds of photos to prove it!

Look! Cute Pandas!

Chengdu Pandas

Who can resist these cuddly little fellows? No one!

 Forbidden City At Sunset, Beijing

Forbidden City Sunset

There’s an old proverb that says: There is an ideal amount of smog for the perfect sunset. Ok, I made that up. But really who would want to miss this- look how pretty!

On Top Of The World

Grassland Mountain, Sichuan

This is another photo from the Grasslands, but it was too awesome to leave out. I already had to cut out 5000 other amazing grassland photos so this one was staying.

Blossom and Blue Sky

Blossom, Beijing

Blue Sky does happen in Beijing (occasionally!) and, in Spring, the city comes alive with beautiful blossom. Take that Japan!

 Temple Of Heaven

Temple Of Heaven

Come on- who doesn’t think this is incredible looking? I can’t be the only one who thinks it looks ancient, yet oddly futuristic at the same time. The Temple of Heaven is one of the more unique historical sites in Beijing and definitely worth a visit- especially on a quiet day.

This Random Wall

The Great Wall and Flag, Beijing

It snakes on and on across the country. Restored or wild, a trip to any part of The Great Wall Of China is special.

So there you have it- a selection of ten of our photos that I think will make you interested in visiting China. They certainly make me want to come back and I haven’t even left yet!

Which of the 10 photos is your favourite? Do any of them make you want to visit (or revisit) China?

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33 thoughts on “10 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit China

  1. I’m missing China so much right now and these pictures aren’t helping 🙂 The grasslands really are an amazing place to visit- its so different then what people imagine china to be like

    1. Aww I bet the Sichuan ones made you “homesick”. There are just so many wonderful places here- we’re thinking of coming back in 5 years ( which seems ridiculously ages away now but 5 years was how long it took us to go back to Korea after we worked there). Hopefully we will and can do some more travelling and come back to our hutong neighbourhood- it will be interesting to see how that changes in the next 5 years!

  2. WOW! No – none of this is how I imagined China. I’ve never been – only seen it through your eyes. All the photos are amazing – you are a very gifted photographer. I went back an looked at your beautiful photos several times. . .the horse grazing in the grasslands and that Disneyesque Turquoise water at the national park? Unreal! I guess I can’t pick just one!!!

    1. Thank you so much Pamela. There are some truly amazing places here. I can’t believe we have less than 2 weeks left now. We like to joke that they dye that water but it really is that amazing colour. That national park is a stunning place. As for the photos- well, I was just lucky to have beautiful places to photograph haha. 🙂

  3. Except hua shan and the forbidde city I haven’t visited the other places featured here however I always find reason enough to visit China as in xi’an alone I find hundred of places I still want to visit 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Laura. It really is such a beautiful country. I hope you guys get to come back someday. We have less than two weeks left and we are already thinking of doing a “reunion” trip back here in 5 years- better put it in my diary now haha!.

  4. Love those pictures and I can only notice that… most of them are in Sichuan! Yes that’s right people! Sichuan is awesommmeeee!
    There is so much diversities in China and strangely people just don’t seem to see it!

    1. Yes!!! Sichuan is such an amazing, beautiful place to travel. I could spend weeks there. I know- people have no idea what’s out there in China- they just imagine Beijng and Shanghai. Great cities but there is more to China than those two.

  5. I’ve been trying to decide between China and India for my winter vacation and you’re really doing well to help sway me to China. Those pictures are stunning. Especially the colour of that water. <3

  6. Beautiful shots. The only reason I want to visit China again is to go back to the Great Wall. I lost the SD card with those photos (and many more), so would love to a shot of my self on the Wall again 🙂

    1. yes!! Yunnan is the best place for me. I was thumbing rides to Tibet from Yunnan. trust me, the way to tibet from Yunnan(also from Chengdu) is soooo amazing. I think there are the most beautiful views in Tibet. but Yunnan is the best for some reasons

  7. wow. nice suggestions! . yes!!! most of travellers just focus on cities, including Chinese people. as a Chinese, I actually don’t really like the cities in China. I grow up in ShenZhen which is a big city. and the is rythm of life there is too fast. . pollution, crowded , etc.
    hope you guys would visit more rural places in China , my favorite places is Yunnan, Tibet, Sichuan .

  8. As an ABC (American born Chinese) that has yet to visit China (first on my bucket list!), I thank you for letting me live vicariously through you. Your photography skills are amazing and your narration makes me feel like I’m in your world. 谢谢 (thank you).

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