Where to see Cherry Blossom in Beijing

Beijing Cherry blossom
Beijing cherry blossom

Last weekend we visited Yuyuantan Park specifically to see the cherry blossom. While China doesn’t have quite such an ingrained cultural relationship with the flowers as Japan seems to (see Vivian or Beth‘s blogs) the park was still packed full of Beijingers enjoying the blooms. It made for an interesting sight as people posed for photos pretending to smell the flowers, ran around with fake flowers in their hair as if  60s hippy style had just reached China and practically walked into bushes for photo opportunities. There were a lot of selfies going on (and, just for the record, Justin and I have been taking couple selfies way before selfie was even a word…:-) ha) Luckily for us, people in China never seem to stray too far from the entrance, so most of the huge park was not too crowded. I took a lot of photos but have uploaded just a few favourites. Enjoy!

Blossom in Beijing

Beijing yuyuantan park blossom

where to see cherry blossom in Beijing


yuyuantang park cherry blossom beijing
I like how there are so many photo opportunities going on here. Count the camera phones..

where to see cherry blossom in china

Cherry blossom beijing

yuyuantan park cherry blossom in spring

Beijing cherry blossom

how to see cherry blossom in Beijing

Cherry blossom Beijing China

Spring blossom festival Beijing

Yuyuantan Park blossom festival Beijing

Red blossom Beijing


How to see cherry blossom in Beijing

Yuyuantan Park is in West Beijing. It’s easy to get there in a taxi. If the driver doesn’t know it, just show him the address. Follow this link to get the address written in Chinese. Or you can take the underground train to Junshibowuguan.

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Cherry blossom beijing

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11 thoughts on “Where to see Cherry Blossom in Beijing

  1. I love the Chinese and their ability to take a selfie almost anywhere! Your blog makes me really excited to visit Beijing in the summer, I think I will have a different impression second time around. I’ll definitely let you know when I’m coming, wall hike sounds awesome

  2. The way Chinese people take pictures is just so hilarious. Their poses are so cute and adorable. They can’t be serious even when visiting place where you should not smile much :). Beautiful garden. I love cherry blossoms!!

    1. Thanks Samuel- glad you like the photos. I lived in Korea too- I’m sure it was the first time I had ever seen people take selfies everywhere and all the time. I don’t think people in the UK were so into it back then(2006)! I remember thinking it was funny as my colleagues were constantly taking photos of themselves!

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