Rainy Days In Beautiful Kyoto

Kyoto: Japan's Magical City
My first impressions of Kyoto, Japan were not what I expected. Kyoto is a city after all and the first things you are going to see are the train station and modern shopping area, just like everywhere else. But Kyoto also has history and a little bit of magic.  It doesn’t take long before you find the Kyoto you always dreamed of. You will soon start wandering down beautiful, old streets, exploring perfect Japanese gardens or stumbling upon Shinto shrines. There is just something truly special about Kyoto.

Bamboo in Kyoto


Golden Pavilion Kyoto

It was rainy for much of the time we were there but that only made it even more magical. It also meant that many of the temples and shrines we visited were quiet and uncrowded. With just two and a half days in rainy Kyoto, we were never going to see everything. But somehow we managed to see a lot without ever feeling rushed or pressed for time. It must have been that Kyoto magic.

Matcha Tea

Kyoto roof Tops

Lost in Translation
Lost in Translation (or thought).

Must See Kyoto

There’s so much to do in Kyoto it’s impossible to fit it all into one trip. Therefore I’d recommend researching and choosing your own “must-see” places. You can’t go wrong with wandering around Gion and Southern Higashiyama– stopping to visit the many temples and beautiful gardens. Taking the train to see the Fushimi-Inari Shinto shrine and the bus to the Golden Pavilion are musts, but I also particularly enjoyed the beautiful garden’s and matcha tea at Okochi Sanso (by the bamboo forest).

Wherever you choose to go in Kyoto, you will be sure to find magic, even in the rain.

Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

Fushimi Inari Kyoto

Kyoto temple in the rain

Thank you to Vivian who told me Kyoto was “Japan’s most magical city”. You were right! 🙂

We took so many photos in Kyoto; this is just a snapshot of our snapshots! Which one is your favourite? 

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16 thoughts on “Rainy Days In Beautiful Kyoto

  1. I left my heart in Kyoto. <3 Beautiful picstures for a beautiful city. It was August when I went though so the humidity was just unreal.

  2. I would love to make it too Kyoto and Japan in general. You got some great photos. I love your hat as well. Very Asian 🙂 Is it much quieter then China? I’m so curious about it

    1. Thanks Rebekah! Yes, I found Japan to be much quieter than China- no horns beeping all the time and the people are much quieter and reserved. It is actually really, really different to China! I got so many comments on that hat from Japanese girls haha! 🙂

  3. I’ve never been to Kyoto, but I’ve heard about its magic nonetheless. It really does look like a far East fairy tale! Thanks for sharing…

  4. I love the picture of 伏見稲荷大社 (Fushimi Inari Taisha)! I went there on New Year’s Day, 2009 and it was an event – it seemed all of Kyoto was there to celebrate the New Year. I actually managed to get lost there but I found my way to safety. It was really was a magical place on New Year’s Day.

  5. Hard to choose a single picture, they’re all beautiful! Like you I was surprised to find a real, modern city when I arrived in Kyoto…but it didn’t take me long to find the historical areas and be totally charmed. I was lucky with the weather when I went (last October), except when I went to Fushimi Inari… I had to do the full walk in the rain!

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